Manjeet Sahota for Councillor Manjeet Sahota biking and campaigning for Councillor

Vote for Manjeet Singh Sahota as a Councillor in the city of Surrey.
Running as an Independent.

Bachelor of Science from UBC
Master of Science from Iowa State University
Certificate in Technical Writing from BCIT
Project Management courses at SFU in Surrey
Graduate courses at the University of Victoria

Delivered food for Meals on Wheels (Surrey)
Canadian National Institute for the Blind (Vancouver)
Assisted basketball coaching for Special Olympics at Frank Hurt Secondary (Surrey)

You can vote for 8 councillors. Please make 1 out of the 8 a vote for Manjeet. Thanks!

Feel free to call or text me at (604) 307-2458. Thanks again!!!


Platform ideas:

  1. I want businesses in Surrey to succeed and I also want our citizens to have more money in their pockets. For example, the first 2 bylaw tickets per year, if you spend half the ticket amount at a business you may not frequent that much, like a restaurant, hair salon, gym or others in Surrey we will waive the other half of the ticket. No need to waste time filing a dispute. If you get a third ticket then you are responsible for the whole ticket amount. For example, if you get a bylaw ticket for $50 then all you need to do is dine at a restaurant, for example, and spend at least $25 then the other $25 will be waived.

  2. Build more affordable housing. Some methods we can accomplish affordable housing is allocate, say 10%, of new development in a condo complex to be affordable. In these units developers can using laminated countertops instead of granite, laminated flooring instead of tiles or other techniques to make suites cheaper for people to afford them.
    People who have money can purchase the luxurious suites. We also need to take advantage of the federal governments Housing Accelerator Fund which makes $4 billion available to municipalities that can speed up permits, make
    higher density housing that are close to transit. I will research more ways to make affordable housing.

  3. I want to keep the neighborhoods clean and the citizens healthy. We can have challenges that citizens can voluntarily participate in. For example, do a Surrey 7 week 30 minute a day challenge to exercise. Exercise helps with mental health
    and other health issues. Another challenge, every month, like on the 7th day of the month, we have a neighborhood clean up day. So clean up around your street picking up garbage. If you want to clean parks that is good also. Take pictures
    and send them to city hall and we will post them on the website. The Twitter hashtag can be #3AS meaning "As Active As Surrey" and also #ACAS meaning "As Clean As Surrey."

  4. Create 20 scholarships of about $3,000 each for students from a low income family if they did kindergarten to grade 12 while living in Surrey. This will help lower income families as they will not have to move out of Surrey
    to provide their son or daughter to attend post secondary school. It will also help talented students who come from poorer families to be able to attend post secondary.

  5. Incentivize taking Transit. Each household in Surrey has an opportunity to get one month free bus pass if they purchase 11 consecutive months of monthly bus passes from a store in Surrey or online. The homeowner will be
    reimbursed the one month cost on their property tax. The discount will be equivalent to a one zone monthly transit pass cost. If a renter is taking the transit for a year then they can give their reciepts it to their landlord
    and the landlord will get the reimbursement and hopefully the landlord will pass it back to the renter.

  6. Start to install smart traffic signals so the traffic signal knows when traffic is heavy then it will change lights to green based on that. So during rush hour the traffic direction will move faster and the light will be red for less time.
    Smarter light signals will reduce traffic which ends up reducing our carbon footprint. Make destroying forests for a new road not the first option to do. Destroying forests increases our carbon footprint.

  7. The first Saturday of the month truckers can take their truck home to be washed and cleaned. Trucks are investments and should be treated that way. The truck can be brought to the driver's house on Friday at 4pm and needs
    to be gone by Saturday at 7pm. The truck needs to be gone by Saturday afternoon. The truck can only come if there is room in their driveway.

  8. Work with Translink to have more buses and rapid buses in Surrey. For example, have a rapid bus from South Surrey that connects with the R1 bus.

  9. Research further changing bylaws to allow cannabis stores to open in Surrey so customers don't turn to the illicit market (which is unregulated and untested cannabis) or they have to drive to a Vancouver store to buy it.

  10. Using washable chalk put positive messages on trees and other wood blocks at parks. Messages can say stuff like "joy" "happy" etc. Volunteers can do this at various parks. Maybe can put small wooden placards to write the
    messages on. The signs could also have a QR code to display different positive messages.

  11. Be more community focused and create less waste. For example, instead of sending letters to people that their water meter was covered over with dirt after they visit the house the city should have a database of emails or cellphones so it sends a message before
    they arrive at the house so the owner has a chance to clean it up before the city arrives. That would mean less letters sent out and less paper waste.

  12. For post secondary students who are 25 and under and attend UBC, BCIT, the Burnaby campus of SFU or other post secondary schools a significant distance from Surrey then these students can go to workout at recreation centres
    in Surrey for free on the weekend instead of them driving to their school to workout. Working out is healthy for the mind and instead of wasting more than an hour commuting to their respective school gym they can use that time saving on studying.

  13. Free gym access for Surrey students in grade 11. So from the beginning of grade 11 until the beginning of grade 12 these students get free access to Surrey Recreation centres.

  14. Buying AI glasses for police officers so they can easily find criminals. Especially in busy areas like concerts and parties.

  15. Have more digital speed signs that shows your vehicle speed when driving down a street. These digital signs should be placed where the police have a higher chances of catching speeders. That way police are not using resources
    on speed traps and instead have more boots on the ground to catch criminals.

  16. Based on point 3 of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action regarding Jordan's Principle set up an email address, maybe and a phone line so it can be used for people to use to report a child in need.

  17. Based on point 23 of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action we will award 5 scholarships of $5,000 each to Indigenous students living in Surrey who are pursuing health care.

  18. People driving an electric vehicle like Tesla, Leaf or Volt get a $75 to $100 discount on their property taxes.

  19. Lobby the provincial government for more money for centers like the Women's center in Whalley.

  20. Expand the Pop-Up Junk drop program to 6 months. Having the free garbage drop off will hopefully stop people from throwing the large items of garbage dropped on the streets.

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